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Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Guide to Purchase Round Farm Tables

Farm tables are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Among them, round farm tables are very much popular. If the traditional rectangular table does not suit to the space you have, then a round one can perfectly suit the space and also looks better. It does not matter whether you are choosing a best round farm table for your dining room or kitchen, there are various factors that you must consider while purchasing.


This is the first and the most essential thing to consider. The price of these tables varies according to the designs and style. So, purchase the one that suits your budget. 


First, decide for what purpose you are going to purchase the table. Are you going to purchase the table for eating purpose or other purpose? So, decide the ways by which you can use these tables.


Choose the table according to the appearance of the current design of your kitchen. Try to purchase a table whose color matches the color of your kitchen.


If you are thinking to redesign your kitchen to provide it a unique feel, then it is better to follow the above given tips, purchase a round farm table and place it at the centre of your kitchen. These types of tables add a lot of style to your kitchen.

So, if you want a round farm table, then it is better to search on the internet. You can find these tables of various designs and shapes. The Great Canadian Table Company is the largest retailer of solid wood furniture in the Durham region. We deal with dining room table, harvest table, reclaimed wood table, coffee and end tables, formal chairs and many more.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Spend Breakfast Time with Your Family in a round Dining Table

In a family if parents are the working class people, kids spend their entire time in school and after school hour they take part in sports activities, then it is quite difficult to find family times to be together. The breakfast dining table is the most important furniture which offers an opportunity that every family member can get precious family time.

Harvest Table

Harvest Table
Before constructing your own home, you may have planned to build a nice spot for enjoying a quiet as well as lay back breakfast with your family members. You may place some stools by creating some space in your kitchen room, in this way you can manage your need but not fully satisfied with. The entire satisfaction is on putting a well furnished dining room tables.

Rustic Farm Tables

Rustic Farm Tables
First of all you should check the space is comfortable or not. For this purpose you need to do some constructional work to make it happen. In order to make your breakfast table more functional, round farm tables are the nice options among all. These tables offer a decorative as well as ornamental touch to the entire house.

If you are searching for a genuine farm table which is made up of reclaimed maple wood, then we can build your table according to your specification and style. We have availability of varieties of wood species. Solid woods are the more appropriate species in our collection. Different dimensional wooden furniture is available in our shop i.e. round, square shaped and/or with extensions. Different color specifications are also provided by us.

If you want to see our collection, then visit us The Great Canadian Table Company at

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Add a Rustic Table to Your Traditional Seating Furniture

Furniture is one of the most adornments of a home. If you offer a traditional touch to your furniture, then the entire appearance of your home seems unique as well as stylish. Among all the traditionally looked furniture, rustic has a major part. The rustic table has a basic advantage that it permits 3-4 people to share the same space, isn't it amazing!!

We at The Great Canadian Table Company offer you various kinds of rustic table to match with the preference of the customers. Our rustic table collection includes peg top, large square and east wood table.

Our peg top table constructed from pine or wormy maple wood may come to the market in various sizes. Accordingly, you can purchase to fulfill your need. It implies various sized wooden furniture are made available in the market (means a bench along with numerous wooden chairs accordingly you can choose yourself).

Rustic Farm Tables
                                 Rustic Farm Tables

Our large sized rustic tables bear well furnished finishing is constructed from pine wood and also readily available in the market in various colors. The good looking wooden chairs give a sound seating while dining with your family and also it offers a sound atmosphere while merry-making with your entire family.

Our Eastwood type of table provides an earlier farm table style and is mainly made up of Different kind of wood such as maple, oak, cherry and wormy maple and also avail in different sizes and colors.

If you are having confused in choosing your best kind to suit your house, then our expertise will help you in picking your furniture to match with the d├ęcor of your home.
If you have more queries about our collection, then contact us at

Monday, 2 June 2014

Decorate your Home with Stylish and Durable furniture like Coffee Table

A coffee table plays an important role while decorating a home. When it comes to type of furniture, wooden coffee table may be the reliable alternative. The antique shop contains varieties of collection of tables. It may come with variety of size but the design remains unchanged. There are certain vital things to know about this table.
This furniture can be manufactured from different type of woods from mahogany to oak. You can choose the type of table according to your choice. Most of the people prefer oak from other wooden furniture, because it is very strong as well as durable. If you add a glass on the top of the table, then your furniture looks quite elegant.
It has the unique specification that can add a lovely and distinct look to your living room. You can redesign by yourself by making your own art pieces on it.
Dining Table
Dining Table
Whatever the shape you will choose, it will look outstanding in every shape. Most of the tables are rectangular but you don't worry. You will find a large collection of round as well as square shaped tables. The height is same feature in the all type of furniture.
Wooden Coffee Tables
Wooden Coffee Tables
It can be used as a very convenient place for placing things from magazines to TV remotes. Also you can use it as a board for playing different games like carom, chess etc. Also you can use it as a place for seeing family photo albums to your entire family. It provides a storage place for varieties of things like drawers and shelves.
The major advantage of coffee table is it is quite durable than other materials like plastics or glass. Internet is the wide collection of those tables. You can have your preferred furniture according to your choice.
To see our latest collection contact The Great Canadian Table Company at

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Important Facts for Purchasing Dining Room Tables

Are you looking for appropriate dining room furniture which meets with your preferences as well as your budget? Don't think much, today you can purchase aesthetically designed dining sets in a reasonable price through cyberspace. You may get confused in deciding the type of furniture which is needed by your dining rooms. Therefore I have given 4 important facts for making a suitable choice in choosing right furniture.
Now-a-days dining table sets come with numerous sizes in the market, i.e. 4 seaters, 6 seaters, 8 seaters and 12 seaters. You can simply take a measurement (means length, breadth and height) of your available space in your dining room. For having proper furniture, you can browse online to search for your required dimensions.
The design of furniture impacts upon your home surrounding. If you are having inadequate place, then just choose a simple design that will easily match with the other furniture. Generally round or oval tables are appropriate for the smaller area if you choose glass tables.
Dining Table
Dining Table
If you are combined your living room with your dining room, then the finish of your dining room furniture should be matched with living room furniture.
Dining Room Tables
Dining Room Tables
The chairs are not suitable means too small, too low and having cramped space, if you are spending much on this, then it counts nothing. So it is advisable that if you are buying tables or chairs, then you should first think of comfort.
If you love to buy wooden furniture for designing your dining room, then searching through cyberspace is the appropriate alternative.
The Great Canadian Table Company offers a wide collection of dining tables which are custom made and available in distinct sizes. We provide such tables which are employed in making of perfect kitchen tables as well as dining tables. If you want to know more, then click the link

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Employment of Rustic Table in Designing Your Lovely House

In a home table is the primary furniture which is more often used rather than other wooden accessories. Whenever you are taking meals with your family and friends, it plays a vital role. Taking consideration into people’s preference, numerous types of these wooden equipments are made available in the market. Well-built Antique tables have the distinct legs with a refinery appearance which is compared with the piece of art made by an artist. For having rustic means an addition old modeled creation with the new one so that it is named as rustic table.
Rustic Farm Tables
Rustic Farm Tables

The ancient appearance this kind of table gives a fascinating glance. These are more effective to use because of its strength, it can’t be broken after throwing many times. Only demerit of this buffet is having no design in its structure. This work surface is only suitable whenever the entire family getting together for having a delightful meal. Without having any fear in your gray-matter, you can use this wooden furniture roughly.
Dining Room Tables
Dining Room Tables

Now-a-days Antique farm desks having a company of benches are the more prominent option when you are assisting numerous guests. If you are opt for this kind of table, the delivering may varies according to the distance of your location. You have to make a selection from hand-made and machine-created tables. In case of having machine-made table, you need to pay much more because of extra charges costs for its advertising as well as marketing purpose rather than having hand-made ones. Hand-made ones may take sufficient time means 5-6 weeks for its construction. Because of solid establishment, it is stronger than the machine-made one.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Buying Reclaimed Table

People are becoming more environment conscious day by day. They prefer to have an eco-friendly life style. If you are one of them, you would like to use reclaimed wood furniture.  These items are made from recycled wood.
Purchasing reclaimed wood furniture is very easy. Many websites are available 24 hours so you can shop from the convenience of your home. Many sites offer numerous variations in the form of tables, stools, coffee tables etc. Reclaimed wood furniture is becoming a popular option for remodeling houses due to its availability and affordability. If you are interested to have a piece of reclaimed furniture then you need to do a quick online search.
Reclaimed Trestle Style
Reclaimed Trestle Style
Reclaimed Tuscan Style
Reclaimed Tuscan Style
You can gain a lot of benefits from using reclaimed wood furniture. The most important thing is that you are saving the environment. Secondly, you are saving money. The lumber materials used are already utilized by other structures. So it is very essential to carefully check if the wooden materials are still in working order before buying them. These furniture items are perfect for people who care about the environment. Reclaimed wood furniture is perfect for turning your home eco-friendly.
At The Great Canadian Table Company, you find each piece made with quality, made with much joy! We offer a fine range of reclaimed tables, dining room tables, harvest tables, chairs, rustic farm tables, round farm tables and sideboards. Woods such as pine, oak, cherry are used to build our tables. We are a reliable source for a hand -made table. Our furniture is made with all natural materials. Each piece is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday living.